Paolo Levi

One of the most famous art critics, journalists, essayists, Italian art curators.
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“Works that tell of a world in decay, the fact of pain, of loneliness, of abandonment.”

Air Daryal probe the depths of his soul, and wonders about the world around her: are evident in these paintings the search for meaning and the question that he asks himself about the possibility of having one more hope even in the face of all this pain. At the same time the artist converses with elevating color dream. He warns in the meantime the seduction, transmitted interpreting knowable through emotion. We think that the value of the composition beyond any preconceived stylistic. Air plunges us into the old world charm of a city landscape in ruins surreal and dreamlike. The work pays homage to the atmosphere and the magic colors with the brush strokes of pain charges but completely devoid of side dishes, which contribute to an aspect evanescent whole context. An Art that brings to light the innermost feelings of the soul.

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