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Artwork in memory of 9/11, for the victims of the Twin Towers
The Labyrinth of Tears artwork Atemporal where Twin Towers can live forever.

 9/11: in remembrance of the September 11 attacks

This work is the emblem of the concept of art timeless artist Air. If we enter with the look in The Labyrinth of Tears we hear the breath of the immortal souls that rise to the sky their memory.

The eye of the viewer is captured and guided in an endless maze full of pitfalls. The power of color and the message elevates us to pull at the center.

The masterfully directed transcendental journey for us by the artist suspends us in a weight bare, stripped of time, bathed by the same tears pure, crystalline, shades of blue, strength tears of immortal souls.

A prospective masterpiece that allows us to explore and capture the essence every corner of this world, in a vision of three hundred and sixty degrees of Timeless art cosmic conception that merges the city of New York in a maze that imprisons humanity itself.

As describes Jose Van Roy Dali

“The key message of the artist and stands as a warning to humanity, to suggest that if beauty will one day be able to really save the world, as perceived by the Bulgarian philosopher Tzvetan Todorov and later suggested by Dostoevsky, You can not do without the constant presence of love. ”

9/ 11

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